Road Map

✅ Establishing the website and social community channels for SUPER BABY GROK Token.
✅ Conducting and analyzing the market to identify target audience and competitors.
✅ Initiating marketing campaigns to attract potential investors.
○ Smart contract implementing and conducting a contract audit for security and reliability.

○ Initiating marketing campaigns.
○ Collaborating with influencers and key opinion leaders in the crypto space to expand the reach.
○ Establishing partnerships with other meme projects, fostering cross-promotion and collaborative initiatives.
○ Developing and launching a meme-based NFT Marketplace. ○ Organizing community events, contests, and giveaways to incentivize participation and attract new members.
○ CMC & CG Listing.
○ DEX Platforms trending.
○ 5,000 holders.

Exchange Listings and Liquidity Enhancement.
○ Initiating marketing campaigns.
○ Applying for centralized exchanges (CEX) listing.
○ Developing and launching a V2 NFT Store.
○ Developing and launching a P2E Game based on SUPER BABY GROK Token.
○ Developing and launching Super Baby GROK's Dashboard.
○ Organizing more community events, and giveaways to enhance the holders' experience.
○ + 10,000 Holders.

Long-Term Sustainability and Innovation
○ Maintaining an active and engaged community through regular updates, communication, and transparency.
○ Supporting ongoing research and development initiatives to stay at the forefront of blockchain technology.
○ Exploring partnerships and collaborations with academic institutions or think tanks to foster blockchain innovation.
○ Establishing a sustainable revenue model to ensure long-term viability and support future development efforts.
○ +25,000 holders.